Oct 11, 2010

ME-Gov: Race Will Be Decided by the Undecided, the Case for Cutler

From the Portland Press Herald:
it looks as if the election will be determined by the way the unusually large bloc of undecided voters (26 percent) moves. Mitchell may get some, but it is Cutler who will likely start picking up real support. This is just about where independent Angus King was in 1994 when he started to make his move. Why do I think the undecideds will start moving to Cutler? Because he is the one candidate who can deliver on an agenda to change Maine – as he says, "to make Maine the comeback state of the next decade."

LePage talks a change game, but has neither the grasp of real solutions nor the temperament to make change happen. Libby Mitchell would simply hope that things get better. I believe the next governor of Maine needs to be able to address four questions. I have listened to the candidates in debates and have reviewed the programs they propose on their websites. These are the grades I give them on each of the questions . . .

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