Oct 18, 2010

NC-Senate: Libertarian Beitler Reaches Out to the Disenfranchised

From the Rocky Mount Telegram:
Mike Beitler was once so frustrated with politics he didn’t bother voting for several years over the past decade. But the professor at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro business school found motivation within the Libertarian Party and a bid as its U.S. Senate candidate. He hopes now to turn what had been his own discontent into momentum to attract other citizens who feel neither major party has fixed problems in Washington.

“We’re going to get the votes of a lot of frustrated people,” Beitler said in a recent interview. “The Bush administration over here doubled the national debt, now we swing over here to Obama. He’s put the pedal to the metal. And now we’ll swing back to the Republicans? Why would you do that?”

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