Oct 20, 2010

NJ Independent: Founding Fathers "Rolling Over in their Graves" at Democrat's Arrogance and Hubris

From the Courier Post Online:
U.S. Rep. John Adler on Tuesday sought to minimize the import of third-party candidates while he was bookended by two long-shot hopefuls for the 3rd Congressional District seat. . . . "I don't think third-party candidates, with all due respect to these gentlemen," Adler said "and that other fellow are ever particularly relevant in elections in New Jersey." . . . "We have a tradition of voting Democrat or Republican so I think it's unfortunately sort of a distraction from the real choices that voters from this district have to make," Adler continued. . . .

"When Congressman Adler suggested there's no place for third-party candidates . . .," Donahue began . . . ". . . I saw the Founding Fathers roll over in their graves," Donahue continued. "I'm extremely disappointed by the arrogance and hubris by the congressman to make such a statement. Our Founding Fathers wanted citizen candidates in House of Representatives."  

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