Oct 18, 2010

Prediction: Tancredo will win CO Gov Race in Stunning Upset

From the Catholic Knight blog:
Here's a little prediction from your friendly neighborhood crusader. Tom Tancredo is going to win the Colorado gubernatorial race. That's right, you heard it here first on 'The Catholic Knight' blog. I know I know, all the polls show that the split between Tancredo and the Republican nominee is giving victory to the Democratic candidate. However, the election hasn't happened yet, and there is a factor the polls don't take into consideration. That factor is the grassroots motivation of the TEA parties. Tancredo has seen a surge in recent days, blowing away his Republican rival, and inching closer to the Democrat candidate. The most recent Rasssmussen Poll put Tancredo within a four-point striking distance of the Democratic nominee, and a double-digit lead over his Republican rival.  On election day it will be obvious that the Republican can't win, and a good number of the votes currently polling for the Republican candidate will end up going to Tancredo in a surprise election upset not seen in American politics in a VERY LONG TIME. . . . .

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