Oct 22, 2010

Think 3 Profiles NY's Third Party US Senate Candidates

In an post at the Think 3 Institute discussing a recent duopolized debate between the Democrat and Republican candidates for US Senate in NY, Sam Wilson provides a quick rundown of the third party candidates in the race:
Last night's debate organizers had, in fact, excluded four independent candidates for Gillibrand's [D] seat. Vivia Morgan is the candidate of the Anti-Prohibition party; she supports the legalization of casinos and marijuana as well as tax cuts for working people and businesses alike. Cecile Lawrence, the Green candidate, wants to end American subsidies for polluting corporations, an 85% reduction in American military presence abroad, single-payer national health insurance, and free undergraduate college education for all Americans who graduate high school. John Clifton, the Libertarian candidate, also wants to bring the troops home, but would also end the "war on drugs," along with the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Finally, the Rent is 2 Damn High party has Joseph Huff on the ballot, but the candidate's website was recently shut down, and this interview from September expresses his ambivalence about associating with James McMillan. To my knowledge, Charles Barron's Freedom Party is not running a candidate against Gillibrand, who is herself endorsed by the Independence and Working Families parties. DioGuardi [R] appears on the Conservative and Taxpayers lines.

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