Oct 14, 2010

The Third Rail Movement: Building the Opposition to the Two-Party State

An article by A.J. Arias, published here in its entirety with permission from the author
“The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism.” –George Washington, 1796 Farewell Address
Washington had it right when it came to a two-party division of his country. Fast forward two hundred years and you will see a nation “divided and conquered” over its fiscal and military policy and that President Washington’s dire omen of “domination” has come to pass. America still needs an “outside the parties” movement (a third rail movement, if you will) to undo the damage of encroaching “despotism” since 1796. Americans need an “outside the parties” movement to secure the blessings of Liberty and Peace for our families, our children, our land, our income and our food.  Big Brother Government has been on the move to grow the Empire and expand our wars – and all we can expect is more tyranny, economic collapse and danger from the unintended consequences of politicians.

What is a “third rail”?  I define “third rail” as an issue so controversial or offensive that a civilized person generally avoids bringing it up in conversation. Today, third rail issues which incite great controversy include abortion, homosexuality, teen pregnancy, slave reparations and exit strategies to never-ending wars. But none of these tomfooleries are worthy of our time on a grand-scale.

There is one third rail issue which matters to all of us. It remains taboo in the media while whispered about in the halls of State Legislatures and pubs and homes all across America. America’s most pressing and sorely-needed third rail issue is the total defiance and defeat of the Two-Party System which controls both sides of the aisle and ensures tyranny over us all.

We could debate ad nauseam the pet issues which divide us ― but at the end of the day, we will only win token battles while losing the campaign for Freedom. Just ask the Mainstream Media about their lack of affection for Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, third parties in general, online bloggers or lecture-circuit mavericks (not including the GOP darling “Barracuda”). Play back on YouTube Ron Paul’s interviews during the GOP Primary in which media personalities assaulted the Presidential Candidate on whether he would break loose and run “Third Party”. (Hint: these were not compliments by George Stephanopoulos or the other media vultures – it was derision.)

It is generally controversial to bring up any such maverick movement or rogue player in defiance of the Republican and Democratic parties. The truth is there is nothing “rogue” about a hand-picked, politically-groomed candidate like Sarah Palin or Barack Obama. They are just as genuine or real like the Disney stars and pop singers who fill our airwaves with carefully selected marketing and group psychology.

We will offend Republicans and Democrats by asking them to consider that our political system is broken, skewed and corrupt and that it requires a new influx of ideas, accountability and representative democracy.  Independents may empathize with this third rail issue but may be unable or unwilling to give it any real credence because they cannot imagine an America without the Two-Party lock-step.

What do I mean exactly by a third rail movement?

I propose a third rail movement marked by a political/societal campaign which consistently denounces and diminishes the need for a Two-Party Monster (and any of its illegitimate registered party orphans, such as existing third parties). America must abandon the Two-Party rule over our lives by “dividing and conquering” the American people.

If we go back in history we will see that Julius Caesar was the first to use the famous phrase, “divide and conquer”. How fitting!  Before he was Caesar, Julius was a servant of the Roman people, appointed as a general of the Republic and entrusted with her armies to defeat the Gallic threat to the North. But Julius chose a different path after his stunning victories. Instead of defending the Republic, he conquered it. He crossed the Rubicon River and invaded his own capital. He used his Roman Army to subdue the people and thus began the transformation from Republic to Empire.

“Here I abandon peace and desecrated law.
Fortune, it is you I follow.
Farewell to treaties.
From now on war is our judge.’
Hail, Caesar: We who are about to die salute you.”
-Julius Caesar, as recorded by Marcus Lucanus

History always repeats itself. In its infant stages, the American Republic could not bear to resist the temptations of military adventurism, rising taxes, slave trading, Native genocide, corporatism, fiat currency, soldier drafts, fractional reserve banking (bobcat banks), Manifest Destiny, youth socialization, federal collectivism, disenfranchising minorities, barring Chinese workers and centralizing control from the District of Columbia.

Now we are no longer a Republic, but an Empire. We operate under the guise of the Constitution but the Law is no more. The old ghosts of peace and free commerce no longer even haunt us. We struggle like a drunken captive under the chains of price controls, drug prohibition, a devalued currency, Muslim-hate, religious moralism, nativism, endless wars and financial corruption similar to the Latins when the sun finally set on their blood-soaked and corrupt Roman Empire.

We have the Two Party system to blame for these societal ills ― but we can only blame ourselves for this system in the first place.
It is important that the United States remain a two-party system. I’m a fellow who likes small parties and the Republican Party can’t be too small to suit me.
- Lyndon B. Johnson
There is no doubt that Americans must remain vigilant, informed and jealous over the civil liberties which the Creator gave us, not Washington DC. But who is willing to do it outside the safe, legal and required Two-Party system like good little citizens? The Two Party System hardly allows time for mortals to consider such a gift of Liberty or the plight of our Tyranny.

We are blinded and registered from birth, having our consciences seared through government-approved indoctrination, regulation, dependency and propaganda meant to produce good citizens like factory-made goods. Our churches and non-profits are gagged by the IRS, because we have loved Mammon more than Liberty. Our families are ripped apart by working to pay our tax debts; marriages torn by the need for a two-income household; and children turned against their parents by the professional teaching elite and cultural escapism. After a lifetime of mindless programming and dumbed-down entertainment we are finally shipped off to elder camps where we are medicated and babysat until we die apart from family and community, all at the expense of the Nanny State.
The Two-Party system, therefore, is meant to pit Americans against one another viciously while these citizens cry out to the State with their miseries just as loudly as they demand more insane, illegal and immoral government solutions.

The State tells them to blame the immigrant, the Muslim, the Christian, the hippie, the “other Party”, unpatriotic Americans, swine flu, capitalism, progressivism, or anyone but the State as the cause of their poverty, desperation and growing depravity. And the People buy this horse manure wholesale ― and gladly ― and attack those who don’t blindly obey!

Only a true Third Rail Movement can smash the State’s stranglehold on its citizens. Inconsequential and intermittent ballot box victories on the Left or the Right side of Congress are powerless to change America, even if we think we can “throw the bums out”. And they are “bums”!

But what good will it do to replace Congressmen with more radical versions of the Left and the Right who will be easily seduced by the Parliament of Whores on the Potomac? Will the new incumbents rail against the Federal Reserve as a “monster”, like Andrew Jackson? Or just demand a pathetic “balanced budget”? Will it call to destroy this private Bankster enemy of the People or just propose more ineffective legislation to “audit the Fed”? Will they damn to Hell the actions of our military costing the blood and treasure of Americans or will they make excuses to rattle the nuclear saber at phantom menaces and invade Iran?

We are out of time for Liberty in America. And we have no one to blame but ourselves if we honestly believe that our political system can be “taken back” or “taken over” through the registered, government-recognized political party process. We must love Liberty more than any party ― Freedom more than any conformity.

Let’s take a look at what’s out there today.  Is the Tea Party a Third Rail Movement? Not at all.
The Tea Party today is a vast neoconservative majority hell-bent on restoring moralistic honor and military glory to America in a time of a Liberal sitting in the White House. The Tea Party will hypocritically reduce debt on socialist services while maintaining and increasing debt on overseas war, genocide and moralistic education. Despite the dwindling presence of Liberty advocates left in the Tea Party, this movement is now the red-headed step child of the GOP.

Although the Tea Party shocked established conservatives on the Hill who supported Wars and Stimulus, the Elite on the Hill will ultimately consider it a benign movement. They will allow this tantrum from their wayward neocon brothers for the sake of political expediency, not because of true repentance toward a restoration of the Constitution or equal protection of the laws.

Is the Campaign For Liberty a Third Rail Movement? Absolutely not. It is today merely a window-dressed version of the Republican Liberty Caucus and other misguided leadership PACs attempting to baptize unrepentant GOP sinners into the Church of Liberty. Such insincere conversions didn’t work for Constantine or Charlemagne; it certainly won’t work for Boehner, Ryan or McConnell. You can take that to the bank!
In its Pledge to America, the GOP is professing some of the right words, some of the right phrases, and some of the right allusions. But in that desperate document, there is no act of repentance to be found.
- Jim Fedako, “Fake Conversions of the Political Kind”, LewRockwell.com
Beware the “Liberty Movements” on the Right and the Imperial-Liberal groups on the Left who mock the grievances of Americans weary of war and the gargantuan State. Charlatans, such as Beck, Maddow, Olbermann, O’Reilly and Hannity are gatekeepers on either side of the Tyranny Labyrinth. Few can walk into their trap of minotaurs, circus freaks and monsters and survive with Liberty principles intact to tell the tale. Recently, the same Warfare/Welfare Socialists in the GOP who prop up opposing Middle Eastern regimes on the national credit card and granting stimulus bailouts to the Banksters, tried to hoodwink America with their new “Pledge to America”.

Apparently, some are not buying the snake oil. A Gallup poll released on September 17, 2010, showed that 58 percent of Americans believe that a Third Party is needed to represent their concerns over the direction of our country and our economy. Nothing could have made the Two-Party leadership any happier.

Let’s look at this a little more closely. If Americans tired of our wars, the State and our debts were to form a new registered political party, I believe that the Democrat and GOP Elite would remain victorious on Election Day and would surely dance over the ashes of yet another populist failure.
The new “Progressive-Libertarian” party as Gerald Celente predicted in 2009, would go the way of the dodo, the Bull Moose Party, the Reform Party, the Socialist Party, the Libertarian Party, platform shoes and the brontosaurus.

Is there a silver lining in this recent poll? I believe there is. Well, for starters, 58 percent is better than only 10 percent of Americans wanting a third option. The key word there is “option”. Of course the pollsters used the word “party” in their questions. But the truth is that Americans are starving deep down for something different. They know they are being lied to, abused, kicked to the curb, raped and robbed by the Bank Barons and their puppets on Capitol Hill. But they don’t know what else to do other than to hold their nose, vote for the “other party” and pray to God they get an honest person rather than another crook.

We don’t need a new registered third party, whatsoever. We need a new “option”. We need a football team’s version of a “Hail Mary”. We need the desperation of a Bunker Hill mixed with the determination of a jailed Henry David Thoreau and topped with the defiance of a Mohandas Ghandi.
The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.
- Ross Perot
I can write until I am blue in the face about what is wrong with our country, about the horrible border violence, about the dollar crumbling before our eyes and it will not make one lick of difference. I can speak, shout, preach and pamphleteer about the ills and malaise of our bygone Republic having been overcome by corruption and imperialism ― and it still won’t do a thing. A medical patient requires not just a diagnosis or a prognosis but ultimately a prescription.

Let’s look at the difference. A diagnosis tells you what is wrong with you (i.e. Tyranny, loss of Liberty). A prognosis tells you what the likely outcome of that will be (i.e. Police State, Slavery, Drafts). But a prescription tells you what you have to do about your problem.

That is where the Liberty Movement is divided. Some think the answer or prescription is “taking over” or “taking back” the GOP like some ethereal Bastille Prison in the sky begging for millions of Libertarians to storms its gates. The Barry Goldwater’s didn’t do so well in “taking over” the GOP in the sixties, nor did the Ron Paul supporters of the 2008 GOP Convention.

Others think that the answer is a registered government-approved party which will act like a magnet for truth and principle and naturally through osmosis soak up the disaffected and disenfranchised masses into one populist uprising. The Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party and other marginalized registered groups have been unable to clear the ballot and psychological hurdles of the brilliant Two-Party system.

So we are back to square one. Plebeians and serfs begrudgingly shuffle off toward the election polls (or away from the polls) in utter disgust for incumbents, but too afraid to vote them out or too afraid to try anything other than the choices our god-like State offers us. That is, as long as we do what the State wants, which is to perpetuate and approve of its ever-growing powers.

But there is another option. It’s the third rail movement. It does not require, need or want State recognition, approval or control. The State can never rule over our hearts and our consciences no matter how much they may tax, regulate, evict, beat and torture our bodies and our sorry hides.
If I seem to take part in politics, it is only because politics encircles us today like the coil of a snake from which one cannot get out, no matter how much one tries. I wish therefore to wrestle with the snake.
– Mohandas Ghandi
Liberty Coalition Third Party Alliance The Third Rail Movement

Last year, I first shared my vision for The Liberty Coalition (Third Party Alliance). I was inspired, in part, by Ron Paul’s support for four minor-party presidential candidates in defiance of backing the Statist Warmonger John McCain and his Barracuda. I was also inspired by Gerald Celente’s prediction of a “Progressive-Libertarian” party. Lastly, I learned much from the Free State Project and its overall thinking-outside-the-box mentality.

The Liberty Coalition refuses to play by the rules of civilized society. It is a third rail movement to support, endorse, encourage and direct any candidate, primarily independent, who will run on Liberty issues and not a registered party. It is an indirect strategy to “Trojan Horse” the Empire of Lies when all direct assaults have failed in complete humiliation.

The Liberty Coalition is specifically designed to attract Americans from the Left and the Right who are willing to put minor issues aside in order to fight for the crucial issues facing our tattered and beaten Republic. We have four points of unity on the issues of debt, war, banks and civil liberties.

This coalition will run candidates regardless of registered party affiliation, if any. It will downplay the party for the sake of the political integrity of the candidate. Such candidates must espouse our points of Liberty as their main talking points on the campaign trail. There will be no ambiguity as to where the candidate stands or what they will do once in office.

The Liberty Coalition will not become a separate registered third party; but an alliance of third-party-minded Americans who want to work outside the Two-Party turkey shoot. It will endorse any Libertarian, Progressive, Liberal or Conservative who can agree to primarily promote our Four Points of Unity. We will work closely with organizations like Liberty Candidates, created by Gigi Bowman and other grassroots groups.

Will you be on the right side of history generations from now? Will it be said that you labored hard in the Two-Party system when over a hundred years of Banker Control have already shown you such work is futile? Will you be known for thinking, acting and achieving independently? Will you rejoice if one Liberty-friendly Senator or Congressman gets into power but they are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of their colleagues and quickly absorbed into the corrupt nature of blood and empire?

It’s time to not just run candidates who will win in effective campaigns that reach the People. We have to run campaigns to win the hearts and minds of Americans to Liberty not just our favorite government-approved Party.  It’s too late now for the Dollar. We are past the point of no return on our digital/paper fiat currency. Will it be too late for the Liberty of our countrymen?
A weak currency is the sign of a weak economy, and a weak economy leads to a weak nation.
- Ross Perot
Break away. Free yourself. Come learn more about The Liberty Coalition. We need you.

Aj Arias2 The Third Rail Movement
Our website is: thirdpartyalliance.net.
America needs an “outside the parties” movement (a third rail movement, if you will).
A.J. Arias is the founder of The Liberty Coalition (Third Party Alliance).  He is also the author of the Liberty-inspired young adult fantasy novel “Robbie Velez And The Key To Rocket City” available on Amazon and Kindle.  Arias is a homeschooling parent, an attorney and a Liberty activist.

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