Oct 16, 2010

Why change your registration from GOP to Constitution Party?

From the Constitution Party discussion forum:
I'm Changing My Party Afilliation To The Constitution Party

I have been giving serious thought to changing my registration to the Constitution Party. Here lately, I am becoming more and more disgusted with these RINOS ( or "Republicrats," as some people like to call them) being all nicey-nicey with the Democrats. (In other words, siding with them on some of the issues) When I turned 18 back in 1986, I was registered as a Republican. At the time, the Constitution Party did not exist. Ronald Reagan was still President, and the Republican Party was the only choice for conservative U.S. citizens, like myself. Now that the Constitution Party exists, and it's way more conservative than the Republican Party, it seems like the logical choice. I didn't leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left me. It happened a long time ago, and I no longer feel that I can be a member of this party. So the Constitution Party will soon have another member.

I am fed up with this "lesser of two evils" voting strategy! That never works, and there's no need to feel that you are throwing away your vote with Constitution Party candidates. When you vote for them, you are voting your conscience, not voting for the lesser of two evils. The Constitution Party is a blessing from God! I can't wait to be a member.

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