Oct 19, 2010

WI: Ben Manski is Formidable Opponent, Democrats Worry Over Green Challenger

From Green Party Watch:

Sarah Manski sent the following update to supporters of Wisconsin Green Party candidate for 77th District State Representative Ben Manski: Ben’s opponent, Brett Hulsey, is very worried.

Two days ago, Hulsey sent out a fundraising letter. The letter says he is facing “strong opposition” from our campaign. The letter complains about the “attack ads” we’re running (those are the ads where we point out, quite accurately, that he took $192,000 from a coal-burning utility to lobby for a new coal plant).

Ben’s opponent is right. We are building a “strong opposition.” But we need your help right now. Right now. We need to raise $6,000 by Tuesday to pay for our next mailing. Please give $100 or more, right now: http://votemanski.com/contribute

Mr. Hulsey wasn’t expecting any of this. He expected that if he stuck the label “Democrat” on his forehead, he would win. But now he’s finding that the electorate are not unthinking, party-line-voting robots. And he’s getting desperate, saying desperate, disturbing things. We expect thatthe Hulsey campaign will strike back, hard, at Ben in the coming week.  Please support Ben now, when he needs you most: http://votemanski.com/contribute

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