Nov 23, 2010

CA: Neo-Nazi Receives Nearly 28% Support in Local Election

An article by Jeff Hall at the National Socialist Movement website announces that the Neo-Nazi candidate for Western Municipal Water District, Division 2, Riverside California, received nearly 28% support in elections held earlier this month.  Hall writes:
We will see the day when a National Socialist candidate receives the votes in their district to take public office. Today, November 3rd, 2010, I rest at 27.79% of the total votes in my district after receiving thousands of votes while running openly as a member of the National Socialist Movement. 
Another Nazi in California received roughly 10% support in a race for school board.  As the San Jose Mercury News reported:
National Socialist Movement regional leader Jeff Hall had 28 percent of the vote in his race for the Western Municipal Water District serving District 2 in Riverside after all precinct votes were counted. Incumbent Tom Evans had 72 percent.

Former Aryan Nations member Dan Schruender had 10 percent of the vote in the six-way race for two seats on the Rialto school board. Leading candidates Joanne Gilbert and Edgar Montes had more than 20 percent each.

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