Nov 6, 2010

CO: Tancredo Considers Declaring his Political Independence from Party

From the Denver Post:

"I went to dinner at 6 o'clock and kept thinking 'This is really going to work,' " Tancredo said in an interview with The Denver Post on Thursday. "And of course it didn't. I'm content in the fact that it's part of God's plan. I just wish he wouldn't tease me so much."

Tancredo, the former GOP congressman who switched to a third party to run for governor, lost Tuesday to Democrat John Hickenlooper 51 percent to 37 percent, with Republican Dan Maes collecting 11 percent of the vote. . . .

And his party affiliation? "We'll see where it goes. Unless there is some purpose, I don't know if I will go back to Republican. I'm not sure I will stay with ACP either," he said. "Maybe I will become an independent. It's a lot of heavy stuff to think about."

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Dean Barnett said...

Assuming 64 year old Tancredo tries for office again, I wonder if the more interesting question might not be whether the GOP would have him back? He irritated quite a lot of the wocka-wocka wing of the Southern Colorado Tea Party.