Nov 15, 2010

The Culture of “Permenent Victimhood” Prevalent on ALL Sides

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Ben Smith, at Politico, wrote a side comment about something that didn’t make the cut into a post about an interview he did with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

“I’m not calling on conservatives to claim victimhood, I’m not saying, ‘Poor us,’” he said, noting that he’s “never written a letter-to-the-editor” or “yelled at a reporter or editor.”

“I do worry if we as a country develop this sense of permanent victimhood where everybody is entitled and everybody is part of some aggrieved class,”Jindal continued.

He didn’t mention Sarah Palin by name and there’s no reason to think that’s who he had in mind. But this viewpoint — an unambiguous discomfort with anything smacking of identity politics — stands in stark contrast to Palin’s m.o.

Boy, I’m not sure I could agree more.

Really though, are there any major politicians who don’t fit into this? I can tell you with 100% certainty that I catch myself doing this all the time, and I’m also 100% sure that you could find posts on this very blog where I let myself slide into that as well… but I also make a concerted effort to call out our own.

Its as much our own fault that we’ve allowed the two parties to walk all over us… its our responsibility in a democracy to represent ourselves. As much as they can be criticized for putting up unfair institutional hurdles… it ultimately is up to us to fight for what we want to see in government.

But seriously… can you find a pundit that doesn’t fit this stereotype? The Democrats took on this mantle with a gusto a few months before the election, especially when they took on those talking points about outside spending that was going on with GOP allied groups… even though their groups were spending just as much.

I’ve been saying this a lot lately, in one form or another… but where is the group that will come out to say something like… “we understand the country is hurting… its time all but those that are hurting the most to sacrifice a bit for the long term greater good of the country”?

Its good to point out when politicians are damaging our country… but WE need to bite the bullet and be that group of voters, or its just not going to happen.

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