Nov 18, 2010

GA: Four Reasons for "Unprecendented" Libertarian Success at the Ballot Box

From Savannah Now:
Surveying the results, state party chief Daniel Adams called them a base "with which to move forward." Maybe, but it's a slender base, and the Libertarians have a long way to go before they can really compete with the major parties. Credit them for energy and skill, but four other things also helped them do better at the polls this year.
First, the greater number of televised debates that included Monds - who often did well - gained him and his party unprecedented exposure.
Second, speculation that he might siphon off enough votes to deprive the frontrunner a majority and force a runoff drew additional attention.
Third, Monds was an alternative for people who didn't like Deal or Barnes.
Last, the Libertarians seeking other offices faced long odds, but - except in the U.S. Senate race - not as long as they might have been.
Sure, voters knew almost nothing about them, but they knew little more about the major-party hopefuls, except for GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson.

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