Nov 5, 2010

MA-Gov: Republican Credits Independent for Loss

From the Boston Herald:
Republican Charlie Baker, in his first public comments since Election Day, blamed Treasurer Tim Cahill and fizzling GOP enthusiasm for his defeat in an e-mail to supporters in which he also expressed sadness for failing to deliver a victory. . . .  Baker finished 8 points behind Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick — the exact share of the vote the independent Cahill garnered. “A third-party candidate pulling 8 percent made our already narrow window that much narrower,” Baker wrote.

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James O'Keefe said...

In polls I saw, the votes Cahill lost as the campaign went on split 50/50 between Patrick and Baker, so it seems doubtful that if Cahill dropped out the votes would have been enough to help Baker win.

That said, the negative attack on Cahill and appearance of Baker being behind Cahill's Lt. Gov dropping out and backing Baker probably didn't help Baker's image.