Nov 17, 2010

New Contributor

As you might have noticed, there is another new contributor here at Third Party and Independent Daily, David L. Wetzell.  Dave maintains the blog A New Kind of Third Party, where he writes in support of strategic election reform.  In his most recent post there, he elaborates on the idea and concludes:
I simply don't buy any of the other solutions being proffered right now for the US's problems. The only way forward is to subvert the disastrously cut-throat rivalry between the two major parties that stems from the tendency of the US's political system to tilt to effective single-party rule . . . 
In his first post here at TPID, Dave provided an introduction to his ideas about how best to achieve that end, namely, by incorporating winner-doesn't-take-all elections into our existing US electoral system.  He'll be posting under the handle DLW.  Welcome aboard Dave!

1 comment:

DLW said...

Thanks man, I think you culled out the only good quote from that monstrosity of a post...

I'm a less is more person in terms of election reform, because I believe we needed it centuries ago and that political jujitsu is the only real game in town. I think most third parties want a system with a level playing field across all parties so they could be a contender. I think that desire in our current system helps to hold back strategic election reform.