Nov 12, 2010

OK: Pirate Party Endorsed Candidate Received 20% Support in Race for State Legislature

From the Oklahoma Pirate Party:

The Pirate Party of Oklahoma would like to take this opportunity to thank the candidates that have received our endorsements and congratulate them for standing up for democracy in Oklahoma. It takes courage to become involved in the political process, and these candidates endured hardships and time away from their families in order to bring choice to Oklahoma. We are happy to share the preliminary results of their campaigns:
  • Angelia O’Dell, US Representative, District 1: 23.19%
  • Clark Duffe, US Representative, District 5: 1.75%
  • Zachary Knight, State Representative, District 46: 19.7%
  • Edward Shadid, State Representative, District 85: 10.53%
Again, the Pirates want to give a very heartfelt thank you to these candidates for running, and for accepting our endorsement.
Knight and Shadid, respectively, were previously identified by the OKPP as Independent/Green and Independent/Libertarian candidates.

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