Nov 30, 2010

US Pirate Party Legal Officer Resigns

You might recall this post from last week, reporting that member(s) of the US Pirate Party had considered helping international students in the US maintain their work visas.  A controversy over this individual's proposal, among other things, has apparently led the party's legal officer to resign in protest.  Andrew Norton explains his reasons for quitting his post with the party at Politics & 2P:
The main issue has been the flagrant, and repeated violations of the party Constitution, by one officer, Jay Emerson. In a period of one week, between 9 and 12 violations of the constitution were committed over three separate, documented instances, by this officer. Each of these violations has a penalty specified – 'may be removed from office with cause'. . . . 
On thursday November 18th, a 'news' article was posted [see update at end] (the disclaimer that '*Note: This is not officially proposed by the USPP, was added November 27th')saying that the USPP was going to start employing people from overseas, because those people were having problems getting their student visa's supported . . .  Anybody with a high school education or better knows what this is called. “Immigration visa Fraud”. . . . It's about 8 different violations of the party constitution, and can even lead to the party being shut down.
The party leadership's non-responsiveness to Norton's concerns is among the primary reasons for his resignation.  Read the whole thing.  On a different note, see also Norton's recent article, "Breaking the 2-Party Two-Step."

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