Nov 28, 2010

WY: Crisis of Democratic Party is Opportunity for Third Parties and Independents

From the Billings Gazette:
The near wipeout of the Wyoming Democratic Party in the general election, coupled with the surprising showing of an independent write-in candidate for governor, is an opportunity for voters to look at third parties, old and perhaps new ones, political activists say. One of the surprises of the Nov. 2 general election was the write-in campaign of Taylor Haynes, a Tea Party member who also had the support of the Wyoming Constitution Party.

Haynes, a Laramie County rancher and retired physician, received nearly 14,000 votes to come in third in the Nov. 2 general election for governor. With 7 percent of the vote, Haynes outpolled Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Mike Wheeler of Casper, who received 5,362 votes. Wyoming Libertarians say there is talk of more third-party movements in the state, including the loosely knit Tea Party.

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