Dec 18, 2010

FL: Libertarian Party Supports Ban of Red Light Cameras, Expansion of the Surveillance State

From the LP of Citrus County:
Through its Executive Committee, the Libertarian Party of Florida has voted to support future legislation to ban the use of red light cameras within the State of Florida.

The cameras have been popping up in various communities throughout the state as local government coffers dry up. Recent support for the cameras by local governments seems to correlate to the reduction of regular tax revenues.

The Libertarian Party of Florida has successfully lobbied the state legislature in past years to keep the state from approving their use and now seeks an all-out ban of the devices which create more problems then they solve. . . .


Eric Dondero said...

Help me to understand how it is the Libertarian Party of Florida hopes to be successful in any lobbying efforts, when they continually bash Republicans in the state legislature?

You catch more flies with honey.

Perhaps if the LPF supported Republicans in their races once in a while, they'd find a more welcoming reception in Tallahassee?

DLW said...

How can any third party be successful if they portend that they got gobs of political capital in storage for a rainy day?