Dec 12, 2010

Progressives Preparing Primary and Third Party Challenges to Obama?

From FireDogLake:
Rather than a two-track approach, I favor a comprehensive one, whereby our challenger – in order to become our challenger in the first place – must not only agree to run against Obama in the primaries, but to run as the new party’s candidate in the general as well. . . .

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on seating a steering committee of prominent, respected Lefties for this effort. So far I’m batting 1.000 – the first two people I’ve approached have agreed. They are names you will immediately recognize, and while I am not ready to disclose them just yet, here’s the key point: One is willing to participate only if the goal is the establishment of a new party which seeks to bring together the disparate factions of the Left, toward the greater objective of giving the Left a real voice again. This person is even averse to a primary challenge, but would be willing, I think, to support it as a strategic first step – provided the ultimate goal is to give Lefties a unified voice which is not tied to the Democratic Party.

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DLW said...

Oh yay, let's pave the way for a Palin presidency with good intentions!

Or we cd unite around state-level electoral reforms similar to what Obama wanted in 2001, so as to move dramatically the "center". Then, Obama would pragmatically start to act like a progressive. The odds are a shift from centrist to being more progressive was planned after Obama et al had cemented a "permanent majority" for the Democratic party.