Dec 7, 2010

Senator Obama wanted to bring back 3-seated elections for State Representatives in Illinois!

Our president introduced legislation in 2001 that would have brought back the use of 3-seated cumulative voting state representative elections in Illinois. These election rules were used from 1870-1980 and made Illinois politics more dynamic and inclusive. This fact could be used to make President Obama endorse Strategic Election Reform. God knows that a lot of Democratic party activists are mad at him right now! If they need to accept his pragmatic compromises then he's ought to appease us by using his bully-pulpit to push for more radical electoral reform in state representative elections.



SummerRain said...

Great article!! I wish this had come out prior to the '08 election.

And yes, democrats are very upset with Obama especially in the congress. He seems to fail in leadership which is a bad sign of the times to come nxt yr.

Along these lines, just read a new book that I'll be giving out this holiday cause it's Americans actually taking a stand against tyranny. I recommend it.

My reading of websites is that even Obama's staff is 'concerned' about Obama's leadership skills & inability to lead the country.

Again, good article! Thanks.

DLW said...

Please, send links of it to others!

I agree that Obama seems over-prone to compromise in ways that make him not get enough in return when he does compromise...