Dec 15, 2010

Two-Party System, One-Party State

From the LA Progressive, discussing Wikileaks and tangential truths:
What is truth?  One truth is that we no longer have a two party system.  We have two branches of one Corporation Party running our government.  While corporate media focused on the evil of Wikileaks revealing the truth, the back pages of a couple of publications told us that the FDA under Obama has continued the Bush era practice of letting drug companies go on selling some brand name medicines, even after science proves them to be more dangerous than the diseases they are supposed to cure.  But the medicines are profitable and their sellers give millions to politicians.  So the FDA hides the science and lets the companies keep selling the poisons.  And the press focuses on the “more important” Wikileaks.
The leaks prove that Senator Diane Feinstein knew, before she voted in favor of Bush’s wars, that all the claims to support her vote were untrue.  She voted not for freedom or defense, but for investment profit.  This is a truth for which she now wants blood.
And she wasn’t alone.  The reason the Democrats didn’t support single-payer, and do support prosecution of Assange, is that they are financed by the same corporate interests that fund the Republicans.  For them, Wikileaks is nothing more than the new “communism” or “terrorism.”  It is a code word identifying a new “enemy,” pursuit of which allows them, once again, to escape scrutiny or responsibility for how they run the country.  And progressives, once again, let them get away with it.  Truth.

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