Dec 2, 2010

UK: Pirate Party Strongly Backs Alternative Voting Proposal

From the UK Pirate Party:

This week, members of Pirate Party UK have been voting on whether the party should officially endorse a 'Yes' vote in the May Referendum on changing the electoral system to AV.
Pirates across the country have overwhelmingly voted in favour of supporting AV, with over 90% of those voting expressing the desire to see us fight for reform this May. As a result, Pirate Party UK will now actively campaign for AV, and encourage its members to get involved in the fight for change, primarily through the Yes In May campaign.
Whilst some members may feel AV does not go far enough, we understand that the referendum on the Alternative Vote is a vital opportunity to move to a fairer system that helps to make politicians more accountable to the public. In this way, electoral reform fits in well with our policies on government transparency and accountability, including giving constituents a full right of recall when they have lost confidence in their MP.

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