Dec 31, 2010

The Zen of Politics and Why It Matters!

Why do I OCD about Strategic Election Reform? Let me explain with a brief description of my political philosophy that was posted at Daily Kos. I'm a liberal libertarian or a communitarian, which means taking the dictum that "power tends to corrupt" seriously in all facets of life, and which translates in practice to a dynamic centrism. What is a dynamic centrist? I believe that there are always (at least) two sides to every political conflict. In a healthy democracy, both sides are equally good and bad and simply need to be well reconciled. In an unhealthy "democracy"/kleptocracy then one of the sides is clearly more corrupted by power than the other. Right now that side is most associated with the Republican party.

But to make things right(or left), we need to focus less on getting the other side into power (or our preferred party) and more on making the system healthy again. This is why I've been relentlessly posting about Strategic Election Reform(SER), because it will make our system much healthier. US politics would no longer tilt towards effective single-party rule, the de facto political center would be closer to the true political center and ethnic/economic/ideological minorities would get more voice due to their increased likelihood of being the decisive voters in more elections.

This philosophy reconciles the evils of Communism/Socialism and Fascism/Capitalism and how they've been historically mediated in practice and puts the impetus on strategic electoral reform, as opposed to trying to get a level playing field for all parties in most elections.


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