Jan 27, 2011

DE: Libertarians Call for Minor Party Representation on Redistricting Board

From the Dover Post:
Dover resident Will McVay is chair of the Kent County Libertarian Party, and he thinks Levy Court’s Democratic majority should take this redistricting cycle as an opportunity to involve minor political parties.

At Levy Court’s January business meeting, McVay, who gained notoriety during a failed run for the state House last fall, publicly asked commissioners to consider appointing someone who isn’t a member of either major party to the redistricting commission.

“Our belief is that they should include an in independent voice, whether that’s a Libertarian, an Independent Party member or someone who’s not in any party whatsoever,” he said. “We think that they should have a voice that’s not representing either the Democrats or the Republicans.”


richardwinger said...

This is a story about Delaware, not

ThirdPartyDaily said...

Oops, also misread "Dover Post" as "Denver Post." Both mistakes have been corrected. Thanks Richard!