Jan 12, 2011

Florida Tea Party Denounces Democratic-Republican Politics of Hate

A press release from the Florida Tea Party, sent via email:
Florida Tea Party Chairman Peg Dunmire denounced the shooting of United States Congresswoman Giffords and eighteen (18) other individuals in which six were killed, including a nine-year old girl today in Arizona.

"The 'politics of hate' that was so prevalent this past election cycle must be stopped," stated Dunmire. "We have seen it from many sources including the left and the right. It is unfortunate that many of the newer members of the tea party movement, that always talk about not having any organized leadership, may have indirectly influenced this deranged individual to take this action today. The attack on Congresswoman Giffords was a direct assault on the Constitution and the Republic," Dunmire stated.

"Even here in Florida we have seen self-proclaimed 'tea party leaders' like Everett Wilkinson become violent in public settings when he disrupted a news conference with Governor Rick Scott during the campaign. Antics like that give rise to more violence and should be removed from the body politic," Dunmire stated.

"I and many other leaders of the TEA Party have been subjected to the same types of written email threats and hate mail that were sent to Congresswoman Giffords recently and it's a truly frightening experience," Dunmire concluded.

Peg Dunmire is Chairman of the TEA Party of Florida 


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