Jan 19, 2011

Greens Begin to Displace Republicans in Maine

From Ballot Access News:

At the November 2, 2010 election, Green Party nominees for the State House outpolled their Republican opponents in four districts. The best Green showing was in Brunswick, in the 66th district. See this pre-election story, which has an interview with all three candidates. The results were: Democratic 38.62%; Green 33.33%; Republican 28.05%. The Green nominee was K. Frederick Horch. The other districts in which Greens outpolled Republicans were the 115th, 118th, and 120th districts, all in Portland.

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Gene Berkman said...

The story is accurate, but not the headline. In the same election in which 4 Green Party candidates came in ahead of their Republican rivals, Republicans elected a Governor and a majority of the Maine legislature.

A single Green Party member was elected to the Maine House of Representatives, running as an Independent.