Jan 14, 2011

Tunisian Green Party Calls for Elections

A press release published at the Mabinogogiblog:
For a month, the Tunisian people, young and old have been attacked by
their police force (led by General Boudrigua) and commanded by the
President of the Republic in person, across the country.

A bloody confrontation leaving 65 dead, hundreds injured and over
3,000 arrested.

Today, during his third appeasement speech, the President of the
Republic announced promises without any guarantee. And yet, while he
was still talking, the police were still shooting real bullets, 2 dead
in Kairouan and riots continue in Hammam and Gafsa …

The « Green Tunisia » party declares that the political situation has
arrived at a historical turning point and the government is trying to
gain time.

The whole democratic opposition and civil society have the duty now to
make citizens aware, , educate them and defend their interests. We say
Yes to stopping violence, but firstly what violence? The violence
comes first and foremost from the government and the Destourien
régime. The people, young and old have said this, and written it in
their blood.

Enough -KIFAYA- of more than 60 years of rule by one party, absolute
power; despotism and nepotism. Only this would satisfy the popular

The « Green Tunisia », party is the Greens political mouthpiece. The
Tunisian government has repeatedly tried to isolate and eliminate it
from politics, by setting up a false Green party. In fact, this false
Green party’s representative was welcomed the day before the speech by
the President of the Republic on TV7, the official television station,
broadcasting yet again his allegiance to the dictatorship and support
for repression, as he always has done.

Our party signed a declaration with 14 parties and organizations of
civil society (some signataries seem to have forgotten) on 9th January
2010, in which we all expressed and for the first time since the
beginning of events our appeasement claims “with one voice”.

Today we find ourselves forced to express our position again, and we demand:

1.An international commission of inquiry appointed by the Human Rights
Commission of the United Nations Organization.
2.The immediate recognition of all parties arbitrarily unrecognized by
the government, including our « Green Tunisia » party.
3.Legal proceedings for those who, directly or indirectly gave the
order to assassinate our young people and our citizens.
4. The release of all political prisoners.
5.Long-awaited free legislative and presidential elections
6.Tossing in the sponge will allow the dictatorship to assassinate
even more of our young people with total impunity!!

We wish to thank the Greens parties: Europe-Ecology the French Greens,
the Maltese Greens, the European Greens, the African Greens Federation
and the Moroccan Greens for the support they have lent to the Tunisian
people’s struggle.

Abdelkader Zitouni,
National Coordinator of the « Green Tunisia »party
Member of the European Greens Party
Member of the African Greens Federation,
Member of the "Global Greens".
Email : tunisie.verte@gmail.com
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