Feb 4, 2011

PA: Bill Would Ease Ballot Access Restrictions

From the Daily American:
A Senate bill would make it easier for third-party candidates and independents to appear on the November ballot. Republican Sen. Mike Folmer, of Lebanon, introduced the Voters’ Choice Act, which is supported by the Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition.

Folmer’s chief of staff, Fred Sembach, said the act levels the playing field for third-party candidates to appear on the fall ballot. Republicans and Democrats appear on the general election ballot after winning nominations in a primary. Independents and third-party candidates do not have a primary.  “It’s more options for voters — hence the name voters choice,” Sembach said. . . .

Under the proposed legislation, to appear on the general election ballot third-party candidates would have to obtain the same number of signatures as candidates from the two major parties. Also, an individual from any party would be allowed to sign a petition for a third-party candidate.

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