Feb 26, 2011

Proportional Representation , Roprortional Prepesentation!

I argue at A New Kind of Third Party that fairness in the form of proportionality in political representation is less important than making our political system have a more dynamic and inclusive center.

I argue my typical point that with relatively modest changes in electoral rules that the two major parties could become very different from their current incarnations and that political outsiders would gain more influence on the center or protection for their rights.


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DLW said...

I also proffer the use of 2-seated Hare Largest Remainder for Egypt's lower house elections, since they already elect two seats to their People's Assembly from their 222 districts.

It pays to try to change as little of the status quo as possible, yet in ways that have significant impact! In this case, keeping the NDP and the Muslim Brotherhood from dominating Egypt's politics.