Feb 9, 2011

CORRECTION: Report: Ron Paul Rules Out Third Party Presidential Bid in 2012

[Correction: the below post mistakenly took a 2008 post from the Daily Paul for newly published material.  Paul has not ruled out a third party presidential bid in 2012, so far as TPID is aware.]

From the Daily Paul:
Ron Paul will not run as a third party candidate. I was on his national conference call last night and he said himself, "we don't want to lose my congressional seat". He said he would continue in the Republican Presidential primary as long as the money and support are there, just like he's been saying. But he very specifically mentioned his congressional seat and he was taking care of various votes and other business in congress the last couple days to ensure he would be ready for the primary vote for his seat in Texas next month . . .


paulie said...

I posted this at IPR and Gene Berkman spotted that the Daily Paul post is actually from 2008, not 2012

d.eris said...

ooooopppps! Thanks Paulie and Gene! I should have caught that, as I noticed a few days ago that old Daily Paul posts had begun showing up as unread and recently published in Google Reader.