Feb 18, 2011

Why We Need a 2 Stage US Presidential Election!

At my main blog, I have posted an entry that gathers my thoughts on how the US's Electoral College(EC) system might be revamped. I believe the EC could be the basis for a cost-effective 2 Stage Presidential Election to guarantee that we have better elections and a centrist, non-extremist president and to give more attention to local issues. This would be very much in the spirit with which the Electoral College was first adopted for the USA. In the same spirit, I suggest at the end how the finalists could select their Vice Presidential candidate from among the other four or six contenders in the General National "Open" Primary.

It's a little long, because it summarizes my thoughts on the matter. It's more readable, thanks in part to some editing help from my mother. It's always helpful to try to write "popularizations" of more complicated stuff for your mother...

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