Mar 11, 2011

A Green Democratic and a Libertarian Republican Party Would Both Be More Green and More Libertarian (or Less Corporatist)!

This is the alchemy of strategic election reform when we balance the use of winner-take-all and winner-doesn't-take-all election rules in our political system. We'd still have relatively few major parties and they'd still tend to act like conjoined fraternal twins due to the use of winner-take-all elections, but because of the use of more winner-doesn't-take-all election rules they'd need to give more folks more voice on more issues to remain one of our top two major parties. The consequence of which is that the entire system would become more dynamic and quite unlike our current political system!


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DLW said...

We're having a good debate on this.

I qualify my prophecy to say that for third parties to grow there needs to be increased use of multi-seated elections... and proffer my usual spiel on the use of small-numbered state assembly elections as our best bet for this. I also add that to get such electoral reforms, we might need to claim the mantle of the civil rights movement and use similar tactics... This is justified since what's the point of giving historically disadvantaged minorities the right to vote if their odds of being the swing voters are next to nil and so they hardly ever get enough attention to their issues?