Mar 10, 2011

NY: Third Party Tea Party Candidate in Special Election?

From Roll Call:
Jack Davis did not win the Republican or Conservative Party lines for the unscheduled special election to replace Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.). But the wealthy businessman is continuing to court tea party activists in the 26th district to help boost a third-party run.

“I just know that he’s been calling us and wants to get together with my husband,” Julianne “Jul” Thompson of TEA New York told Roll Call on Tuesday afternoon. Thompson and her husband, Rus, co-founded the group, which is the area’s largest tea party organization.

Davis, who ran for the seat in 2006 and 2008 as a Democrat, sought the Republican nomination last month, but the district’s county GOP chairmen unanimously selected state Assemblywoman Jane Corwin, who also recently captured the endorsement of the state Conservative Party. . . . 

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