Apr 28, 2011

Time to Open Up Georgia's Repressive Ballot Access Regime, Say Libertarians, Greens and Independents

From the Athens Banner Herald:
Georgia's election law should be changed to allow more third-party candidates, voting machines with paper records and vetting of presidential hopefuls, according to witnesses who spoke at Wednesday's initial meeting of the Georgia Election Advisory Council. . . .

Secretary of State Brian Kemp, whose office oversees elections, conceived the council and appointed its 15 members . . .  Ray Boyd, a real estate developer who tried to run for governor last year as a Republican and then as an independent, dismissed the whole commission as a sham designed for appearances rather than action.

"Brian Kemp is kicking the can down the road, holding his breath," Boyd said.

He blasted Kemp for maintaining laws that make Georgia among the toughest states for independent and third-party candidates to qualify for the ballot. Those comments were echoed by officials from the Libertarian and Green Party as well as independents.

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