May 6, 2011

Are Ron Paul and Gary Johnson in the Wrong Party?

From the Washington Examiner:
Earth to Rep. Ron Paul and former Gov. Gary Johnson – you are running for the Republican nomination for president, not the Libertarian or Democrat nomination.  At various times throughout the Republican primary debate last evening, I had to remind myself I was actually watching a Republican debate. . . . Why do Republicans let people like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson participate in Republican presidential debates?  They are obviously trying to win the “Who’s more Libertarian?” or “Who’s the least Republican” debate as opposed to the actual Republican debate taking place. 
Indeed, you really have to wonder why anyone who says they believe in freedom and liberty would support the Republican party. 

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TiradeFaction said...

I think I'm going to re register (temporarily) as a Republican this year to vote for either Johnson or Paul. Just to see an anti-war republican face down a faux-anti-war democrat in the debates.