May 7, 2011

The IAP's Ruth Hansen has passed away

Ruth Hansen (right), with her daughter, Janine Hansen
Margaret Ruth Hansen, the mother of Dan Hansen, the founder of the Independent American Party, and Janine Hansen, the co-founder of the IAP and head of the Nevada Eagle Forum, passed away in her sleep on May 5th. She had recently turned 95 on February 4th of this year.

Janine Hansen further comments on her mother's passing:

"My dear mother, Margaret Ruth Hansen, passed away last night, May 5, 2011 at home.  She was 95 years old and had been failing since she broke her shoulder the day after her 95th birthday on Feb. 4, 2011. She went peacefully when she just stopped breathing. 

She was the oldest sibling in her family and outlived her brother and two sisters, her youngest sister Polly Hansen having passed away in January of this year. She lived longer than her mother, who died at 94½ years. 

I have been greatly blessed by having her as my mother. She was my greatest teacher, friend, confidant, fan, supporter, co-worker, and example. Nothing I have done could I have accomplished without the endless love and support of my dear dedicated mother. She not only gave me life, but she taught me, through her own life, that service to God, Family, and Country was the right way of life and happiness.

I have been blessed to have had her with me since I moved to Elko over 6 years ago and lived just down the street all the years before in Sparks. I think of her now, running the rummage sales for Eagle Forum as only she could, making more money than anyone would think possible. I think of her at the organ at 89½ years old, playing for church all of her adult life until she moved to Elko. I think of her in 1992 at 76 years old out getting signatures in order to get the Independent American Party on the ballot. After dark on the last day, falling and breaking her hand but persisting until she had another 25 signatures so she could make her goal of 1,000. I think of her as a candidate, running for Washoe County Public Administrator, at 86 years old and having a ball!

I think of my mom taking me to singing and dancing lessons and teaching me how to lead the music and recite poetry. She took me to my high school debate tournaments and was always my biggest fan. I love her for how she loved and cared for my children as I went to work. I think of all the wonderful vacations and all the wonderful places we enjoyed together after we went to National Eagle Council, and to Nauvoo, WilliamsburgMonticello, Mt. Vernon, Gettysburg, Valley Forge, St. Louis Arch, Independence, Washington D.C.

My mom said the year she did not go into Lake Tahoe was the year she would finally be old. I guess mom you finally made it to “old” at 95.

My mom taught me by word and by deed to Love the Lord, Jesus Christ, His Gospel, this land of liberty which He established, family and the way-faring, as she collected those who others had discarded.

I have been greatly blessed in the mother who gave me birth and further blessed to have her with me all these years. I know that as she crossed the veil, the Lord said to her, “Ruth, well done thou good and faithful servant.”

The service in celebration of her life will be held in Sparks, most probably on Saturday, May 14th at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I will have details later. 

My mother’s greatest gift was her extraordinary love of her children. I’m sure my brother Danny was there to meet her along with Dad when she crossed the veil. 

Thanks mom! I love you! You are now truly free!"

Ruth Hansen, a dedicated mother and Independent American patriot, will be truly missed.

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