May 10, 2011

NY-26: "Wall Street Owns Both Parties" Says Tea Party Candidate

From Sam Wilson at The Think 3 Institute:
This month brings a special election to New York's 26th congressional district to fill the vacancy created by Rep. Chris Lee's embarrassed resignation over an internet flirting scandal. Lee won the regular election last November by a landslide, but the special election is proving more competitive. While many reports attribute the close polling so far to Democratic fearmongering over Rep. Ryan's long-term budget proposals, another important local factor is the independent candidacy of Jack Davis, a local businessman, on a "Tea Party" line . . . His appropriation of the TP mantle has caused controversy and is clearly hurting Republican chances. Davis had the support of 23% of respondents in one poll reported last month.
Read the rest of Sam's analysis and commentary on Davis's independent tea party bid.  Davis has just released a new ad in the race declaring that "Wall Street owns both parties!"

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TiradeFaction said...

Man, that guy (Jack Davis) looks like a fucking dewrapped(?) mummy.