May 5, 2011

NY: GOP Conspiracy Theories Featured in New Ad Attacking Third Party Candidate

From Roll Call:
After largely ignoring third-party candidate Jack Davis in her first round of television ads, Republican nominee Jane Corwin is attacking the former Democrat as “the hand-picked candidate of Nancy Pelosi” in a 30-second television spot that began airing across the district today. The ad is her first since a public poll showed Corwin leading Democrat Kathy Hochul by just 5 points, 36 percent to 31 percent. Her lead would be far larger without the presence of Davis, a Congressional candidate with a history of switching parties who will appear on the May 24 ballot under the “Tea Party” line. Davis pulled 23 percent in the poll. “Davis was a handpicked candidate of Nancy Pelosi, and said he was proud to help her become Speaker,” says the narrator in the new ad.
The ideology that sustains the two-party state resembles nothing so much as a vapid conspiracy theory. This often appear to be just as true of the brain dead followers of the Democratic party as it is for the brain dead followers of the GOP. 


TiradeFaction said...

Oi, "Brain dead" is a good way to put it, though I earlier commented they were drooling retards ;) I wonder if Obama's '12 campaign will even be able to revitalize half of his zombie like following?

d.eris said...

"drooling retards"? It sounds a bit offensive and maybe insulting to compare the mentally handicapped with Democrats and Republicans. Also, I did not intend to insult the brain dead by comparing them with Republicans and Democrats. ;-)

TiradeFaction said...

True enough! My apologies to the mentally handicapped for that gross insult. But we have to admit, the Obama crowd came pretty close to "Brain Dead" (zombies even!) back in 08' I remember that crowd all too well like it was