May 13, 2011

VT: Independent Candidate for State Senate Calls for Obama's Impeachment

From Robert Wagner's campaign website:
As your Independent candidate for the Vermont Senate for Addison County and Brandon, I am calling for the impeachment of the federal president. I am calling on my learned colleagues currently sitting in the Legislature, to direct this impeachment under Jefferson’s Rules.
Nobody is above the law, nobody.
For not only continuing but compounding the Bush-era coup of our Republic, this man deserves to have every single law-abiding citizen turn his back on him. On his hands is the blood of every Vermonter who has died or will die in these oil wars: Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya.
He is also responsible for:
  • The deaths, maiming, torture, homelessness of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in these and other countries.
  • The continuing genocide against North American Indians, Pashtun tribespeople, and anybody else who gets in the way of Big Oil, uranium extraction, pipeline deals…
  • Propping up an infinite growth economy based on cheap (often stolen) oil. Peak Oil is now past, and with it the brutality that built that economy and nearly ruined the planet on which we live.
Any congressman that votes to fund any illegal, unconstitutional war is also party to war crimes. Notably, Rep. Ron Paul (R) has consistently refused to fund these wars. Rep. Peter Welch (D) has also begun to question the legitimacy of this funding, and has voted against it.

I understand that many of you here in Addison County had high hopes in the ‘changing of the guard’. I regret to inform you that those hopes of reform… have failed. We must maintain the moral high ground, even if this man has failed to represent us honestly.


TiradeFaction said...

Vermont is simply awesome, I'm glad to have them in the union.

But what can the state government of Vermont do in this regard?

d.eris said...

Not much, I think. Though they could issue a symbolic resolution or something along those lines. Didn't a lot of individual towns in Vermont pass resolutions calling for the impeachment of Bush? I think even a few have issued arrest orders.