Jun 24, 2011

Politics by Numbers

From Robert Peck at Constitution Party News:
Real leaders don't lead by consensus. Real leaders lead with the courage to do what is right and what is necessary whether it's popular or not. Who wants to follow a general who stops in the middle of the battle to ask the troops what they think and take a poll to make sure he's doing 'the popular thing.' America needs leaders who are ready and willing to say “Damn the popularity polls, I'm going to do what I have to in order to save my country.”
Ultimately the responsibility comes home to roost with us, the voting public. Do we have the courage to act on our stated convictions? Will we raise up, support and vote for statesmen who are committed above all, to defending our God-given rights, constraining government to its Constitutionally prescribed limits and adhering to sound fiscal policies that will deliver future generations from the bondage of crushing national debt? Or will we continue to give the precious, empowering virtue of our vote to politicians who seek popularity and reelection and who will decide the future our great nation on the basis of opinion polls.

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