Jul 6, 2011

Australian Green Party Leader Calls for Global Parliament

From UNPA:
In a speech at the National Press Club on Wednesday, the leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Bob Brown, voiced support for the creation of a global parliament. As the Greens control the balance of power in the Australian Senate, the Green’s position will potentially impact on government policy.

“The Howard government backed George W Bush's invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan in the cause of democracy”, Senator Brown said, “so why shouldn’t we now join vigorous moves in Europe and at the United Nations for a global people’s assembly based on one person, one vote, one value?” Such a global parliament, that according to Senator Brown “could be right here in Australia”, “would tackle international questions like nuclear proliferation, currency speculation, marine ecosystem destruction and those billion people who could be fed and literate if only a tenth of global military spending was sent to their assistance.” . . .

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