Jul 7, 2011

LA: Gov Jindal Vetoes Bill that Would Allow Independents to Call themselves Independents

The GOP's opposition to freedom of speech is in full view in Louisiana.  From Ballot Access News:
On July 1, Louisiana Goveror Bobby Jindal vetoed HB 533, an omnibus election law bill, entirely because one small part of the bill lets independent candidates have “independent” as their ballot label. See this story, which contains the Governor’s veto letters (scroll down to find HB 533).

The veto message displays surprising ignorance. Governor Jindal says there is another already-existing section of the election law that bans any party from calling itself the Independent Party. This is true. However, the Governor doesn’t seem to understand that the U.S. Constitution requires all states to provide ballot access procedures for independent candidates, separately and distinct from members of political parties . . .
Some of us have ceased being surprised by the ignorance of Republicans and Democrats.  After all, if they weren't ignorant, would they still be Republicans and Democrats?

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