Jul 21, 2011

TN: Green and Constitution Party File Joint Lawsuit

From Ballot Access News:
On July 19, the Green Party of Tennessee, and the Constitution Party of Tennessee, jointly filed a new lawsuit in federal court, alleging that the new ballot access law passed this year is just as unconstitutional as the old one. As reported previously, in September 2010 the old law was held unconstitutional. In response, the 2011 session of the legislature deleted the language on the petition saying the signers are members, and moved the petition deadline from March to April. The case is Green Party of Tennessee et al v Hargett, middle district, 3:11-cv-00692. Here is the complaint.


Cody Quirk said...

Excuse me, but I already posted this story first.

d.eris said...

hahahah, d'oh! I thought it looked familiar. Now we've got doubles! People should read it twice anyway.