Aug 4, 2011

Philly: Green Party Candidate Hankala Files Nomination Papers for Sheriff

From Philadelphia Weekly:
A few months after kick-starting her campaign, Cheri Honkala has filed nomination papers with the city, hoping to “keep families in their homes” if elected sheriff.
Honkala, the Green Party candidate for the position, says her team of volunteer supporters garnered 4,422 signatures endorsing her nomination, as of today. As an independent candidate, she was required to collect at least 1,845 signatures in order for her name to appear on the ballot.
“I’m absolutely blessed to have hundreds of supporters, who … are willing to go out there each and every day and be in 100-degree weather and collect signatures,” Honkala says. “I think it just shows people are really tired of what’s happening right now, in regards to the housing crisis.”
Honkala, a longtime champion for the homeless, says she plans to create community land trusts to put the control of land back into communities’ hands. By doing this, Honkala adds, communities could protect land from becoming the site of a profit-making business and help neighbors who may be facing economic hardships . . .

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