Aug 1, 2011

SC: Constitution Party Candidate to Face Off Against Young Republican

From WSPA in South Carolina:
22 year old Joshua Putnam is taking down signs for one campaign and getting ready for another. If elected, the Republican would be the youngest member of the State House. Putnam says, “I think age doesn't matter. It's about maturity.”

Putnam's opponent, 52 year old Dave Ballard, lives in Pelzer in a century old family home. The Constitution party candidate says he wants to bring a new perspective to politics.

Ballard says, “In northern Anderson County, the Republican party has a monopoly on politics. I want to give people a choice.”

Ballard, an architect, is in favor of what he calls a "fair tax" in South Carolina. He says the state could attract more business by getting rid of the income tax and other taxes and replacing them with a sales tax. He says, ‘What that does it takes the taxes off of businesses because businesses don't pay taxes. As much as possible they try to recoup those tax costs when they sell their products or services.” . . .

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