Feb 17, 2010

Modern Whigs: Methodology over Ideology

The Modern Whig Party has released a number of updates on the organization's activities at both the state and national level:
Over the past several months, state and national leadership have been busy solidifying the foundation and substance in order to compete as a viable and mainstream political movement. As we have always said to our thousands of members, we are not delusional as to the road ahead, but rather optimistic that a solid message, foundation and savvy will serve to continue getting the word out. The mission of this movement was always to operate methodically and gradually in order to ultimately sustain viability and longevity. What happened was that the party actually grew too fast as massive influxes of people flooded our systems at various times. The result was that this young, moderate revived movement did not have the infrastructure in place to handle the load. That is now changing.

We are set to announce the addition of new state chapters and quality leaders that come from as diverse backgrounds as the recipients of this message. One such leader is even a direct descendant of a former President of the United States who was elected as a Whig, and serves as a bridge between the historic party and its national modern reincarnation. Moreover, Whig Associations are forming across the country. For example, the Virginia Whigs are pioneering a Health Care Association. A novel approach to party building and individual empowerment entitled "Methodology over Ideology" is currently being tested and spearheaded by the thriving Georgia Whig Party. Meanwhile, states such as California continue to seek ballot registration while Missouri and Texas plan statewide meetings.

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