Mar 22, 2010

AZ: Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to Hold "Candidate Academy" Including Greens and Libertarians

From the Arizona Daily Star:
the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce . . .  has announced it will hold a three-day, nonpartisan, come-one come-all "Candidate Academy" next month . . . "You don't have to be Hispanic and you don't have to be a businessperson," said Lea Marquez-Peterson, the chamber's president and CEO. "We've heard so much about elected officials and candidates not being business-friendly, so we decided to take responsibility for educating them." . . . 
Marquez-Peterson has already met with local Democratic and Republican party heads, and plans to meet with Green and Libertarian chiefs as well . . . As for speakers at the workshops, she said that's "still a work in progress, but it's going to be a balanced approach, politically. We'll include Demo-crats, Republicans, Green and Libertarian party representatives."

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