Mar 22, 2010

ME: Green Withdrawal from Governor's Race May Boost Independent

The Portland Press Herald speculates as to the possible repercussions of the Green Lynne Williams' withdrawal from the gubernatorial race, suggesting it may be a boon for independent Eliot Cutler:
The absence of a Green Independent Party candidate from the governor's race means 6 percent to 9 percent of the Maine electorate will be up for grabs in November . . . Since first appearing on Maine's gubernatorial ballot in 1994, Green candidates have always gotten between 6 percent and 9.5 percent of the vote . . . Cutler agreed it's possible Greens may turn to him. He cited his strong environmental record – as an aide for the late Sen. Ed Muskie, Cutler was involved in passing the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act – and the fact he's running as a political outsider, like Williams . . . "A number of Greens may want to vote for him," said [Green candidate coordinator] Chipman.

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