Mar 21, 2010

Promising Green Candidates for Governor in NV, OH, CA, MA, IL

On the Wilder Side is keeping a close eye on Green gubernatorial candidates in five states.  Click through for full profiles:
Some Green Party Governor candidates to watch:
DAVID CURTIS  is running for Governor of Nevada . . .
DENNIS S. SPISAK is the Green Party of Ohio candidate for governor in 2010 . . . 
S. DEACON ALEXANDER is one of two candidates competing for the California Green nomination for governor . . . 
LAURA WELLS is also running for the Green Party’s nomination for Governor of California. Ms. Wells ran for State Controller in 2002 and 2006. In 2002, she received over 400,000 votes, the highest vote total of any Green Party partisan statewide race in California JILL STEIN has launched an exciting grassroots campaign that is posing an unprecedented challenge to business as usual in Massachusetts. She is building on the 350,000 votes she received statewide in her race for Secretary of the Commonwealth in 2006
RICH WHITNEY, a civil rights attorney based in Carbondale, is running again for Governor of Illinois. At a time when Illinois is experiencing devastating cuts to education and social services, Mr. Whitney is the only candidate in the race who refuses to accept such cuts as inevitable.

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