Mar 22, 2010

CA: PFP Candidate for Governor Blasts Commodification of Public Office

Via Indy Bay, Peace and Freedom Party candidate for Governor of California Stewart Alexander argues against the purchase of public office by Democratic and Republican politicians:
The office of California Governor pays an annual salary of $173,987; however, the three top Republican and Democrat contenders, hoping to be the next governor of California will more than likely spend over $200 million for the governor’s seat.

Republican billionaire Meg Whitman has stated that she will spend up to $150 million of her own money to be governor and Republican Steve Poizner wrote a $15 million check as down payment on the governor’s office. The un-contended Democrat, Attorney General Jerry Brown is hoping to challenge Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner with the backing of casinos, unions and third party committees . . .

Alexander says it is time that voters look beyond the high price television ads and multi-million dollar advertising campaigns and get the facts up front; where the candidates stand on creating jobs, single-payer health care, same-sex marriage rights, immigrant rights, the right to receive a free education and the war. “Unfortunately, the answers to the hard questions are often lost in the 30 second radio and television ads, paid for by the candidates and the committees who are protecting the interest of big money.”

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